Apple admits audio problems for Studio Display

Apple admits audio problems for Studio Display. Yes, the Apple Studio Display has an audio problem: users have been saying this for weeks and now Apple has confirmed the possible intermittent operation of the speakers of the new screen, a problem that, as we said, has been encountered by an unspecified number of people who have. purchased. The good news is that you don’t have to take your monitor to a service center because it’s a software problem.

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The webcam was also criticized for its poor quality and even then it was a problem that could be solved through a firmware update. However, in this case, even though Apple claims that the speakers are not physically faulty, it has not yet found a way to fix it via software, so at the moment it is only able to suggest a temporary solution.

Apple first recommends disconnecting the Studio Display from the power supply: then you must also disconnect all the other accessories connected to the screen, wait ten seconds and only then can the display be reconnected.

This should be enough to ensure that the audio playback is no longer interrupted unexpectedly and abruptly, or that it is reproduced at high speed, or with distorted audio quality, or in an unstable manner. And if the Studio Display audio problem recurs, just repeat the procedure. Later – they say – a firmware update will arrive that will solve the problem definitively, in the meantime it is necessary to buffer in this way.

As we said the problem has been known since May but at the moment it is not known how many people are afflicted by it, even if the evidence suggests that it is becoming more and more widespread.

Recall that Apple’s Studio Display was unveiled in March and is different from other monitors for at least five reasons. Despite this, as we said, it was not without criticism: in addition to the aforementioned problems with the webcam and audio, using it with Windows is rather complicated. As a result, the first reviews were not all positive.

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