Apple begins internal testing of iOS 16.6

Apple begins internal testing of iOS 16.6. With the iOS 16.5 betas rolling around, Apple has already started work on iOS 16.6. Apple has begun testing iOS 16.6 internally, according to analytics from several websites.

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As MacRumors reports, iOS 16.6 will likely be one of the last updates in the iOS 16 software cycle ahead of iOS 17’s unveiling on June 5.

It’s still too early to know when the first iOS 16.6 beta will be released, but the first betas of iOS 13.6, iOS 14.6, and iOS 15.6 have all been made available to developers ahead of WWDC for the past three years. WWDC is scheduled from June 5 to June 9, so iOS 16.6 could be released in May, at least with the first betas.

iOS 16.6 will likely be a minor update as iOS 17 is on the horizon. The update will likely introduce iMessage Contact Key Verification, a feature announced for iOS 16 and not yet released.

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