Apple continues to work on Touch ID under the iPhone screen

Apple continues to work on Touch ID under the iPhone screen. Apple is continuing to work on a Touch ID technology capable of working under the screen, with the goal of integrating it on the first all-screen iPhone.

It’s no secret that Apple has been working on a Touch ID system meant to be placed under the display since at least 2013, with several patents granted to the company over the years.

Just this week, Apple obtained a patent related to under-screen Touch ID that combines shortwave infrared technology with an optical imaging system that could have multiple functions. The latest embodiment aims not only to read the user’s fingerprint when touching the display, but could also determine the pattern of veins, blood oxygenation, pulse, the presence of gloves and that of perspiration.

Apple also allegedly tested an under-screen fingerprint scanner for some iPhone 13 models, but then decided to abandon the project.

According to the latest news, Apple’s intention is to debut under-screen Touch ID in the two to three years following the debut of under-display Face ID.

Judging by the pace of development of under-panel technology, this news suggests that we could see a new under-screen version of Touch ID in an iPhone released in 2026. And that could be the year of the first all-screen iPhone, with a camera. and Face ID below the screen.

Of course, we can’t be sure that Apple will ever place Touch ID under iPhone screens. There also remains the possibility that Apple will instead introduce an iPhone with Touch ID built into the power button, in line with the latest iPad Air and iPad mini models, but there have been no rumors to suggest they intend to go down this route.

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