Apple has a long-term plan for microLED displays on all of its products

Apple has a long-term plan for microLED displays on all of its products. After it makes it to Apple Watch in 2024, Apple most likely plans to offer microLED displays on future iPhones, iPads, and Macs as well.

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This was reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in the latest issue of his newsletter “Power On”, stating that the Cupertino House has been working for six years on the development of microLED technology that it intends to create on its own, creating displays like what was done with Apple Silicon CPUs.

The microLED project, on which it has been working since 2017, Apple would have internally assigned the code name T159. According to Gurman, compared to those seen in the current generation of Apple Watches (supplied by Samsung and LG), the next generation displays should boast higher brightness, brighter colors and better viewing angles. “The displays make the contents appear as if they were painted on top of the glass” according to those who have seen alleged prototypes kept secret.

According to the Bloomberg editor, after integration into the Apple Watch Ultra that we will see in 2024, proprietary microLED displays will come to iPhones, and then probably also to iPads and Macs. According to Gurman, Apple has a long-term plan to offer microLEDs in all its key products but it could take many years before arriving on the Mac due to the intrinsic complexities of the technology on which work is in its initial stage. Gurman believes iPhones will be offered with OLED displays for more than six years, and Apple’s microLED displays will come to iPad first anyway.

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