Apple removes 439,000 apps on the App Store

Apple removes 439,000 apps on the App Store.The fact that an app complies with the rules of the App Store does not necessarily mean that it cannot be removed and in fact, in the second quarter of the year alone, Apple canceled 439,000 apparently in order. In this sense, Google has also worked hard by eliminating 153,000, with the result that together the two giants have removed almost 600,000 apps from their respective digital stores.

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This is a notable increase from the previous quarter, when the two companies together canceled 220,000 apps and in Apple’s case, along with nearly half a million apps, roughly 40 million user-posted reviews associated with those were lost. applications.

The main reason why Apple has removed these apps seems to be the lack of updates for years: 64% in fact hadn’t received a software update for at least two years. According to Pixalate, the company that works to protect against fraud and who took care of publishing this report, 31% of apps deleted from Apple’s App Store had not even declared their privacy policies.

In addition, at least 19 of the 439,000 apps canceled in this second quarter are reportedly linked to Sberbank, a Russian-owned company. Although removing the app from the store causes the download tab to disappear, users who have already downloaded those apps will still have them on their devices and, as such, they can still pose a security or privacy risk.

This new report on mobile apps removed from stores includes the list of apps removed during the first quarter, the type of sensitive information shared with advertisers, the time since the last update, the category and the country of origin of each app, which are the ones for children that are no longer there and the list of the most popular apps that have been deleted.

These removals follow the analysis published in May that more than 1.5 million apps, including iOS and Android, would be abandoned. Among the recent removals from the App Store there are also 15 Apple Arcade games but for completely different reasons.

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