Apple says goodbye to activating the assistant with “Hey Siri”

Apple wants to say goodbye to activating the assistant with “Hey Siri”. Apple could announce a small novelty for Siri which should allow you to activate the voice assistant without having to say “Hey Siri”.

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This was reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg explaining that the announcement should arrive in conjunction with the WWDC (developers conference) on June 5th.

In November last year, Gurman had always reported that Apple was working on ways to allow the voice assistant to understand and respond to commands without the need to pronounce “Hey Siri” but simply “Siri”.

It’s a small change but according to Gurman a seemingly insignificant change like this brings technical challenges, requiring a significant amount of training with AI systems and underlying work.

Complexity implies that the operating system is able to understand a single phrase (“Siri”) spoken in different accents and dialects. Saying a phrase like “Hey Siri” increases the likelihood that the system understands the need to activate the assistant.

A change like this will allow for voice assistant recall mechanisms, similar to what happens with Amazon’s Alexa, an assistant to which you can ask questions by saying “Alexa”, followed by the request.

Speaking of Amazon, the latter is not idle but there are rumors of the arrival of an update on steroids for Alexa, “pumped” by generative AI.

Siri (as well as the current Alexa) work in a completely different way from ChatGPT and similar: the latter can generate answers starting from any question; Old generation Siri & Assistants can only answer pre-set questions. Many are waiting for a move by Apple in the AI sector and if it wants to give an answer, they will have to be convincing and equal to its competitors…

Gurman previously reported that Apple is working with third parties to improve the assistant’s ability to interact with commands for various apps and services that can be used in a greater number of contexts.

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