Apple still wants to release AirPower

Apple still wants to release AirPower. For the first time, the device was shown on renderings already in 2017 at the presentation of the iPhone X. Then they said that the wireless charging mat would be released in 2018. But a year passed, and then a year and a half. AirPower didn’t come out.

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In March 2019, then Apple’s head of hardware development, Dan Riccio, stated that development of the device had been discontinued. Apple failed. AirPower’s idea turned out to be too ambitious: not just throw an iPhone, watch and headphones on the mat anywhere, but also display the charging status of all these devices on the iPhone’s screen.

They say that the AirPower prototypes were too technologically advanced – they had their own operating system, as well as an overly complex circuit of the rug itself, which made it a hell of a gadget to manufacture. This bastard was also warming up like hell. At least that’s what they say.

But hope is still alive. The company, according to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, still wants to release a device similar to AirPower. The rug is on a long-term roadmap, so no dates or prices yet. But it would be nice.

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