Apple Watch reveals we should be getting more sleep

Apple Watch reveals we should be getting more sleep. A research carried out with the use of the wearable Apple Watch reveals that most people do not get enough sleep: the indication, as well as the advice to dedicate more hours to sleep, emerges from the data collected by the Apple Heart and Movement Study, which also refer to other curiosities.

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The Apple Heart and Movement Study announced in 2019 was developed by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in collaboration with Apple, as well as the American Heart Association, to initially examine the early warning signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib). In a March data release, the same findings show that people need more sleep.

A sleep-focused update released on March 7 reveals that the average amount of time spent sleeping by project participants was 6 hours and 27 minutes. Only 31.2 percent of people manage to get seven or more hours of sleep, the minimum recommended by the AHA.

Most people, exactly 39.7%, hit between six and seven hours, while 20.3% stay between five and six hours a night. Finally, 8.8% do not even get 5 hours of sleep. BWH explains that sleep is considered an important area for health and well-being, impacting areas such as cardiovascular disease, metabolism and mental health.

The same Apple Watch dataset also revealed that participants in Washington, South Dakota and Idaho were more likely to achieve the minimum amount of sleep, while those in Hawaii, Mississippi and West Virginia were less likely to get it. chance. The researchers also noticed differences depending on the day, whether it was a weekday or a weekend.

As you would expect, most people go to sleep before midnight on a weekday, exactly 66.4%. However, on the weekend, the graph moves later, with 56.6% of attendees going past midnight. The data is based on results from more than 42,000 participants who contributed to the study using Apple Watches and iPhones via the Apple Research app.

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