Apple Watch Ultra, all functions of the Action key

Apple Watch Ultra, all functions of the Action key. Apple Watch Ultra arrives on Friday 23 September: the Apple presentation, which took place in conjunction with the keynote dedicated to the iPhone 14, showed in all respects the new smartwatch: if you are willing to buy it, here are all the functions of the Action button on the side.

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First of all, the Action button is fully recognizable. Placed on the side it was intentionally colored orange. With its pill shape it sits next to the display on the left side of the titanium case, between the dual speakers and the siren. That’s what it’s for.

Activation of the siren

First of all, pressing and holding the Action button will activate the integrated 86 decibel siren, which can be heard up to about 180 meters away, and is intended to be used to attract help during an emergency.

Custom actions

Beyond the predefined functions, this Action key can be customized. Apple Watch Ultra users are able to choose an initial function for the Action button when setting up their device. Later, they can change this choice through the Settings menu, where there is a new section that lists the apps that support the button.


Among these, pressing the button can be used to start the Backtrack function, in English for short, Backtrack, which uses GPS and compass data to reconstruct the path taken by the user, in this way it is possible to return to the point of departure. departure for excursions, walks and workouts.


The Action button can also be assigned to initiate system-wide functions, such as turning the flashlight on and off, marking a compass waypoint, or starting the stopwatch. Additionally, Apple Watch Ultra users can pause the current function by pressing the Action and Select buttons together on the right side of the watch.


Since the Action button is powered by the new App Intents API that Apple released at WWDC last June, Apple Watch Ultra users will also be able to assign shortcut functions to the button, bringing huge customization potential, such as the ability to check smart home accessories.

Assigning a dedicated shortcut to the Action button could also pave the way for additional and adaptive features. For example, shortcuts with location-based or time-based actions might allow the Action button to perform different functions throughout the day.

Press in sequence

The action button is multifunctional. Depending on the app in which it is used, the function of the first press may be different from that of subsequent presses. For example, a training app could allow the user to start a triathlon with the first press of the button and move to another segment with the next press.

It’s worth noting, however, that apps won’t be able to allow custom functions for a long press of the Action button; this is because watchOS 9 reserves this interaction for the emergency SOS function.

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