Apple works on a new HomePod and smart home devices

Apple works on a new HomePod and smart home devices. Apple probably has a new top-of-the-range HomePod, an updated version of the HomePod mini and two other unidentified devices for the home that are expected to be introduced in late 2023 or early 2024.

Apple prepares the recording of the presentation of the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8

This was reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in the latest issue of his “PowerOn” newsletter. According to Gurman – quoted by the 9to5mac site – Apple in its laboratories works on no less than four devices for the smart home but not all of these will actually be presented.

As previously reported, the new HomePod is internally identified by Apple with the code name “B620”, it will take advantage of the S8 chip that we should also see on the Apple Watch Series 8 and will be similar in terms of size and audio performance to the first HomePod instead of to the mini version.

Again compared to what has already been indicated above, Gurman reports that Apple is also working on an updated version of the HomePod mini. It is not clear what will change compared to the current model, but it could be assumed that the Bluetooth 5.2 standard is supported and consequent improvements thanks to the supported codecs.

Bloomberg’s editor still reports two smart home devices in preparation in Apple Labs: a kitchen device that combines iPad and a speaker, and a living room device that combines Apple TV, video camera and HomePod.

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