Apple’s Developer app updated for WWDC

Apple’s Developer app updated for WWDC. On the occasion of the upcoming WWDC – the annual conference dedicated to developers – Apple has updated the Developer app for Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV dedicated to developers, integrating support for videos of the event, dedicated news.

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The Apple Developer app is designed for developers to follow WWDC23 on Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, with daily updates and notifications on the latest news, content and activities. Browse content by topic, sign up for Slack activities and one-on-one labs, watch videos with colleagues using SharePlay, copy code directly from session videos into Xcode, read featured stories, and more.

Apple obviously does not indicate details on WWDC23 (to avoid the risk of revealing what will be presented during the opening keynote) but generally reports that the latest version of the app (download it from here) allows you to “explore everything that WWDC23 has to offer,” including video sessions, Slack activities, the ability to interact directly with Apple engineers and experts through one-on-one labs.

WWDC will kick off with an overview of upcoming updates for all Apple platforms throughout the year. The opening keynote can be followed on the Apple website, the Apple Developer app, the Apple TV app and YouTube. Once the stream is finished, it will be available on-demand.

Apple has announced that in addition to session videos and individual labs, throughout the week the company’s engineering and design teams will conduct a series of online activities on Slack to allow developers to participate in technical discussions, get feedback any questions and networking. It will be possible to take part in Q&As on technology or design, watch the videos of a session and ask questions to those present, or go networking also thanks to activities designed to facilitate contacts and exchanges.

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