Clean energy attack from Apple!

Apple has announced that it is increasing its investments in clean energy to reduce carbon use and combat climate change.

With the green energy program it started in 2019, Apple continues its efforts to remove carbon use in production. Apple, the first company to use low-carbon aluminum in this regard, announced that it has increased its clean energy investments to reduce carbon use and fight climate change.

Apple to build solar and wind farms

The famous technology giant is preparing to enter a new era with its suppliers to prevent environmental pollution and global warming. Apple CEO shared his future plans in his statement. Stating that the fight against climate change is one of the priorities of the company, Cook talked about its carbon neutral targets.

According to the statement, Apple aims to make its supply chain carbon neutral by 2030. The company, which carries out joint studies with suppliers on this subject, will request various reports from its stakeholders. Apple, which will monitor the annual progress of its suppliers towards becoming carbon neutral, will continue to work only with companies that are successful in this regard.

Apple will also provide training to its suppliers and local partners on renewable energy and carbon neutral work. According to the statement, more than 150 representatives from suppliers participated in the trainings held during 2022 alone. Apple also plans to create a free public education platform on green energy with these trainings.

In addition to all these, Apple continues to work on the construction of large-scale solar and wind projects across Europe. The technology giant plans to implement renewable power plants producing between 30 and 300 megawatts in the next few years.

With all these efforts, Apple aims to produce a total of 3,000 gigawatt hours of renewable energy per year. With iOS 16, the company also optimizes iPhone users in the US by specifying the hours when the grid provides green energy to charge their phones.

While the use of green energy is increasing day by day, large companies continue to work in this direction. So what do you think about Apple’s work on this issue? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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