Find lost iPhone (or iPad) using Siri from Mac too

Find lost iPhone (or iPad) using Siri from Mac too

How to Find a Lost iPhone with Siri. If once the risk was not to find the car keys before leaving the house, today the greatest dangers are run by electronic devices: have you ever not found youriPhone just before leaving home? Is it under the pillow, or in the other room? Siri can help you …

Obviously, one wonders how Siri could help if you don’t find the lostiPhone which is installed. The answer is simple, just use any other device connected to the same Apple account as the lost iPhone or iPad. This means that any other Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac nearby can be useful for finding your lost iOS device.

Please note, however, that Siri will allow you to find the lost device, making it ring: the sound emitted is not connected to the phone’s ringtone, and can also be played on an iPad WiFi without cellular connection.

Use Find My iPhone

To use the Find My iPhone feature to locate the lost device, you will obviously need another device with Siri on board, and FindMy iPhone activated on the lost device.

Turn on Find My iPhone

  • Open Settings> [username]> iCloud
  • On iOS 10.2 or earlier, open Settings> iCloud
  • Scroll to the bottom and tapFind My iPhone
  • Scroll to activate Find My iPhone and Send Last Location.

How to find a lost iPhone with Siri

Having said that, tofind a lost iPhone at home, simply open Siri on another device connected with the same account, simply asking “Hey Siri, find my iPhone”, or “Hey Siri, find my iPad”, at as appropriate. If you have multiple iPhones, you will need to tell Siri the exact model to find.

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After making your request, Siri will sound an acoustic signal from the lost device, which will allow the user to find it again without too many problems.
The warning sound will continue until you interact with the lost iPhone, a clear sign that it has been found.

Moreover, after completing the operation, an email will be sent to the address synchronized with Apple ID, which will inform the user that “A sound has been emitted from the device”.

Find lost iPhone or iPad with Mac

The indications seen above also apply to your Mac since Siri is also available on the desktop from different versions of the operating system.

Just activate Siri with Hei Siri, with the button on the touch bar or a predefined shortcut and the system will ask you to ring the iPhone connected to your Apple ID.

Nothing easier!

Find lost iPhone with Android or Windows

If you don’t have another iPhone, iPad, or Mac with Siri, or if you only have a Windows PC, Android smartphone, or older iOS terminal, you can also start a jingle on a lost iPhone directly from the iCloud web pages.

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