How to check Apple AirTag battery level

How to check Apple AirTag battery level

How to check Apple AirTag battery level. The AirTag, powered by an ordinary button cell battery, lasts for about a year before it runs out of juice. It is true that the iPhone informs the user when the battery of the Bluetooth tracker is nearing its end. Nevertheless, it can’t hurt to know the exact AirTag battery status so as not to risk a sudden failure of the Apple tracker and to replace the button cell early.

Check AirTag battery level

The AirTag draws its energy from a CR2032 button cell battery, which, according to Apple, lasts about 1 year. The iPhone manufacturer bases its estimate on playing a sound four times and using the exact search per day. At the same time, however, points out that the actual battery life can vary and depends on factors such as environmental conditions, battery manufacturer and individual use. Therefore, it is not necessarily advisable to take the one-year battery life as a given unless you suddenly want to be confronted with an AirTagthat cannot be located.

It is wiser to keep an eye on the battery status and, if necessary, to replace the power storage unit at an early stage. You can easily find out the AirTagbattery status as follows:

  1. Open the Where is? App on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the “Objects” tab below.
  3. Tap on the object (eg “purse from […]”) that is connected to your AirTag.
  4. You can see the current battery status using the battery symbol (top left in the menu card).

Tip: In order not to run the risk that yourAirTag unexpectedly gives up the ghost and you can no longer find this or the missing item, you can create a reminder to replace the battery every 11 months. We’ll show you how the AirTag battery change works in another post.

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