How to download iOS 15 Beta

How to download iOS 15 Beta

How to download iOS 15.2 Beta 4. Apple will introduce the new operating system iOS 15.2 beta 4 at WWDC 2021, which will be held on June 15, 2021. iOS 15.2 beta 4 will come with many new features. The most important feature expected is to further customize Widgets.

It is a version released for developers to find bugs in the iOS 15.2 beta 4 operating system. If you want, you can test the beta version by opening an Apple developer account.

Many enthusiasts, however, can participate in the Apple Developer program by paying the annual subscription in order to test the system by reporting bugs and malfunctions.

On this page you will find all the news introduced in iOS15

In this article we will see how to install the iOS 15.2 Beta 4 on iPhone, the procedure is also valid for ipad and ipod touch.

First recommendation. The beta of an operating system is inherently unstable. This means that if you install the beta of iOS15 on a primary device, this could cause problems in using the terminal. It is recommended to install the beta on a second device.

iOS15 Supported Devices (complete list)

How to install the iOS 15 beta on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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  • Very important !. Before installing the iOS15 beta, make an iPhone backup. If something goes wrong, it will be the only way to recover all your data
  • Backed up. Access the Apple developer site (remember that you have to subscribe to access)
  • Go to Account and Login.
  • proceed to Downloads.
  • Now locate the section related to iOS15 and select the Download button.

With this procedure we will have installed the beta profile to download the iOS15 developer betas.

Now all that remains is to install iOS 15.

Write your email address in the comments for the download link.

How to download iOS 15 developer beta on iphone, ipad and ipod touch

  • settings: general: update: the update will appear, i.e. the beta of iOS15
  • Download and install as you do for every iphone update.
  • Restarted the device with the apple, you will have installed the beta of iOS15.

The feedback assistant application will be automatically installed on your iphone and ipad. This application is used to send errors to Apple.

What is the difference between the developer beta and the public beta?
Someone will be wondering.

The developer beta is a program limited to those enrolled in the Apple Developer Program – app and software developers. To access the program, they must pay an annual subscription.

The public beta program, on the other hand, is free. But the distributed betas are not the same in version number.

Apple tries to provide more stable betas for the public beta program.

For example, developer beta 3 might correspond to beta 1 in the public beta schedule.


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