How to download iOS 15 Public Beta

How to download iOS 15 Public Beta

How to download iOS 15 Public Beta 2. The public beta of iOS 15 is also available for download. After releasing macOS Big Sur in public beta, the mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad is also downloadable for those who want to test the new features of the mobile operating system.

iOS 15 Public Beta 2 Release Date: 15 July 2021

Here all the news of iOS 15

With this procedure we will see how to install the iOS 15 Public Beta on the iPhone, the procedure for iPad is different, as the public beta of iPadOS must be installed. We will see this in a future article.

Please Note. The public beta is a preliminary version of an operating system, therefore, by its nature, it can contain errors, malfunctions or bugs, so I recommend that you install the public beta only on secondary devices.

How to get back to iOS 14 from iOS15 beta

How to download the iOS 15 public beta

  1. Go to Apple’s public beta program site
  2. Click on Sign In. Then enter your credentials, ie Apple ID and password.
  3. Very important !. Before installing the iOS15 public beta, make an iPHone backup. If something goes wrong, it will be the only way to recover all your data
  4. From the device on which you want to install the iOS15 public beta, go to the public beta page
  5. Then step on: IiOs, and then on the link: Enroll you IOS device.
  6. Then we go to Download.
  7. Your iPhone, after some acceptance of clauses, will ask you to restart the device, so tap on the Restart button.

Restarted the device you will have installed the iOS 15 public beta profile.

Now we just have to download the preliminary version of iOS 15.

How to install the iOS 15 public beta

  1. settings: general: update: the update, or the public beta of iOS15, will be shown.
  2. Connect to a WiFi network.
  3. Download and install iOS15 as you do for every iPhone update.
  4. Upon restart you will have installed the public beta of iOS15.

In addition to iOS15, the “feedback assistant” app will be installed on your iPhone. It will be used to send Apple communications regarding bugs or malfunctions.

iOS 15 Supported Devices

iOS 15 is the new Apple operating system that officially debuted yesterday evening at the opening keynote of the annual WWDC 2021. An operating system that has seen few graphic differences but many substantial differences since Apple has decided to implement the its new operating system making it compatible as much as possible with older generation iPhones or iPads and above all allowing for superior performance in terms of speed but also of security that certainly many users complained of no longer having with iOS 14.

But what will then be the iPhones but also the iPads that will be able to afford to install the new iOS 15 next autumn when it officially arrives in the public version? Here is the official list of supported Apple smartphones and tablets:

  • iPhone 12 Mini, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE 2020
  • 11 Pro Max / 11 Pro / 11
  • XS Max
  • XS
  • XR
  • X
  • 8 Plus
  • 8
  • 7 Plus
  • 7


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