How to Fix Bluetooth Issues on M1 Mac Mini

How to Fix Bluetooth Issues on M1 Mac Mini

How to Fix Bluetooth Issues on M1 Mac Mini. The M1 Mac mini is a powerful computer that uses very little power. However, it is not perfect either, as the new Mac mini often has problems with Bluetooth. If you also have such problems, we will try to help you solve them.

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Bluetooth on the Mac mini works pretty poorly, and this even applies to Intel models. The situation is even worse with the M1 variant. The mouse and keyboard may turn off, sometimes the mouse cursor moves by itself, various Bluetooth accessories do not work, etc.

Apple tried to fix the problems with system updates, but the company failed. Nevertheless, there are still a couple of ways to solve the problems, and below we will talk about them.

Disable and enable Bluetooth

First, try turning Bluetooth off and on. If you have a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard connected to your Mac mini, don’t do this because you won’t be able to turn Bluetooth on later.

Restart your Mac mini

One of the simplest solutions is to restart your Mac mini. If your computer has been running for days or weeks without shutting down, problems may arise because of this. Sometimes a simple reboot solves them, at least temporarily.

Disconnect all Bluetooth accessories

Often, when connecting a large number of Bluetooth accessories, interference can immediately occur, due to which the mouse cursor jumps, and the keyboard can also turn off.

Try disconnecting all accessories, then reconnecting them and placing them further apart to avoid interference.

Move aside wireless charging

Sometimes wireless chargers for iPhone can cause interference. Be sure to move yours farther away from the computer, as this can help get rid of problems.

Update macOS

Make sure you have the latest macOS version available. In recent versions of the system, there are fewer problems with Bluetooth.

Reset Bluetooth settings

You can try resetting the Bluetooth module. Hold down the Shift + Option keys and click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar. Select the “Reset Bluetooth Module” option. This might solve your problems.

Disable Wi-Fi

Bluetooth is often interfered with by Wi-Fi. If you can, turn off Wi-Fi on your computer and connect it to the Internet using an Ethernet cable. If this is not possible, use a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network as it causes less interference.

Use a wireless receiver

If you only have problems with a wireless mouse and keyboard, then you can use the receiver that came with them. This should solve all problems with them.

The receiver is plugged into the USB port of the computer. If you insert it into the adapter port, interference will occur. The receiver must be of the same brand as the accessory itself.

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