How to hide an app on the iPhone?

How to hide an app on the iPhone. For various reasons it may be useful to hide an app from the iPhone Home Screen, an app that apparently is not present on the Home screen but which can always be recalled in case of need.

The fastest way to transfer data between Apple devices

The ability to hide an app is a feature available from iOS 14, a system that allows you to hide the pages of the Home screen for faster access to the App Library.

How is an app hidden on the iPhone?

The system is simple: just press and hold the icon of the app that we want to hide to bring up a menu from which you can select three options: “Change the Home screen”, “Add app” and “Remove app”. By choosing “Remove app”, a further menu appears from which you can select “Delete app”, “Remove from home screen” and “Cancel”. As you can imagine, the item of our interest is “Remove from the Home screen”: by choosing this option the app will not be deleted but the icon of the app in question will be removed from the Home screen.

How to recall a hidden app on the iPhone?

The hidden app will always be available in the app library (the last screen that appears by scrolling the display to the left and showing the apps by category) or by typing the name in the app in the “Search” field that appears by scrolling the screen down after unlocking the phone.

Can multiple apps be hidden at the same time?

There is no way to hide multiple apps at the same time but just hold down for a long time on an empty area (without icon) of the display and, when the icons with the “-” sign that “dance” appear, press on the “-” sign for each app you want to hide and choose “Remove to Home Screen”.

Move apps from Liberia to the Home screen

It is obviously possible to reposition the apps on the Home screen (just drag the icon to the Home screen page) and if we realize that you do not need to delete it from the App Library (just touch and hold the app icon, then tap Delete and Delete again to confirm).

Change the location of downloads for newly downloaded apps

It is not known to all users but it is possible to change the download location of new apps on the iPhone: just open Settings> Home Screen and choose the “Add to Home Screen”, “App Library Only” option and choose whether to show or hide the notifications you see in the App Library.

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