How to know what processor your Mac has

How to know what processor your Mac has

Mac computers are a point and a departure, and not because we say so, but because they are machines that have highlighted their reliability in the most demanding jobs. The new generation of Apple computers has once again given a twist to personal computing, the true obsession of the late Steve Jobs. How to know what processor your Mac has.

Perhaps you use a Cupertino computer for work or leisure and you don’t know what processor it uses. If so, we show you a way to get out of doubt and find out what kind of brain your team builds. Knowing it is very simple, so pay attention and do not lose detail.

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How to know what processor your Mac has

First, click in the upper left corner, on the apple. You will see a heading called “About this Mac”

Next, in “Overview”, you will see the type of processor you have in your Mac computer, as well as other information. Click just below, where it says “System information”.

When you click, you will have a first tab called Hardware. In them you will see all the information about how your computer is, such as the name and speed of the processor, the L2 and L3 cache memory or if you have Hyper-Threading technology activated. It is responsible for making the team believe that it has 2 cores instead of one, giving it greater speed without a significant loss of performance.

With all this confirmation, you already know the type of equipment you have, something very useful in case of breakdown. We recommend that you be aware of our tutorials so you do not miss the tricks that we launch often, they are a way for you to become better familiar with the device that makes your life easier every day.

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