How to use automatic secure passwords on iPhone?

How to use automatic secure passwords on iPhone? Starting with iOS 12, among many new features, Apple has introduced new features related to passwords: it will be easier to create complex and secure passwords, easier to use than you think. Here’s how to use secure automatic passwords, thanks to iCloud.

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Automatic passwords allow the user to access various sites and services without having to remember the access key by heart, but sure that their password is complex enough to be impervious.

How to use automatic secure passwords on iOS 12 and later?

First of all it is necessary to start Safari and access a site that requires, in fact, to create new login credentials; alternatively, you can also launch a third-party application that asks you to log in with a new account.

Here you can enter a username or e-mail address, while in the password field you will have to click on “Use secure password”. Before even clicking on the blue banner, the operating system will inform the user that they have created a secure password for the website, or the app, open, and that the same key will be saved on their iCloud keychain and will be automatically completed in all devices with the same account, whenever there is a need.

Moreover, it is possible to consult the saved passwords by going to Settings or by asking Siri directly.

How to change passwords on iOS 12 and later?

Launch Settings on your iPhone or iPad, tap “Passwords & Accounts”, enter your PIN, fingerprint or use Face ID, and scroll through the list of passwords you’ve created. From here you can tap any entries with a triangular warning symbol, which warn of a poorly secure password. Tap “Change password on website” to make the change.

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