How to use disappearing messages on WhatsApp

How to use disappearing messages on WhatsApp

How to use disappearing messages on WhatsApp. In this article, we are going to show you how to use disappearing messages in WhatsApp on iPhone. With the new feature, you can share videos and photos that will disappear immediately after viewing.

iOS 16 Supported Devices

How do disappearing messages work in WhatsApp?

Disappearing messages in WhatsApp allows you to send photos and videos to your contacts, which will disappear immediately after viewing. However, nothing prevents your interlocutor from taking a screenshot of your photo or video.

disappearing messages

WhatsApp will not notify you that the other person took a screenshot. But you will see a notification that he opened your photo or video.

The feature is currently being tested in the beta version of WhatsApp in TestFlight. If you don’t have it yet, then it will appear soon.

How to send disappearing messages on WhatsApp?

  • Launch WhatsApp on
  • Open a chat or create a new one.
  • Click the + sign next to the text box at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Photo / Video.
  • Select one or more photos or videos.
  • Click the timer icon to activate the fading mode.

If you have selected several photos or videos at once, activate the mode for each of them separately. Even if the function of your interlocutor has not yet appeared, your message will still disappear immediately after viewing.

You will see a notification that the other person has opened your message.

disappearing messages

Even if you turn off read receipts, others will see that you’ve opened their disappearing message. However, you will not see the opening times. This does not apply to group chats, the time is always displayed there.

Note that new disappearing messages are not deleted after some time, but immediately after reading.

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