In 2024 11.1” and 13” OLED iPad Pro, no 14” model

In 2024 11.1” and 13” OLED iPad Pro, no 14” model. Apple is developing 11.1-inch and 13-inch OLED iPad Pro models that are expected to release in the first quarter of 2024. At the moment, there is no longer any talk of a 14.1-inch version.

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The confirmation comes from reliable display analyst Ross Young at MacRumors, who previously mentioned the new OLED iPad Pro models expected in 2024, although it’s the first time he’s mentioned the updated sizes of 11.1 and 13 inches. With larger screen sizes, it’s easy to expect even smaller bezels to keep the overall dimensions of the tablets nearly identical to today’s.

Currently, Apple has a 12.9-inch mini-LED iPad Pro and an 11-inch iPad Pro with a traditional LCD display. With the 2024 update, Apple could return to the functionality parity between the two iPad Pro models, so as to equip them both with an OLED display.

At the moment, therefore, Apple would have abandoned the idea of ​​launching a 14.1-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED display in early 2023. The same had always been confirmed by the analyst Young, who now suggests that the device or has been canceled completely or significantly delayed.

Other sources like The Elec and DigiTimes have confirmed that Apple is developing OLED panels for larger devices like iPad and MacBook models, and the technology is expected to be ready in 2024.

However, even if a 14.1-inch iPad would have been canceled or delayed, it cannot be ruled out that in the future Apple will choose to opt for ever larger diagonal tablets. The Information believes, for example, that Apple is even planning a 16-inch iPad; Bloomberg also confirmed Apple’s interest in larger iPads.

If, on the other hand, we think of much smaller tablets, the ball passes to the iPad mini, which Apple intends to update only at the end of 2023. In that case it could only be a minor update.

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