iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 Embrace Qi2 Wireless Charging Standard with iOS 17.2

iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 Embrace Qi2 Wireless Charging Standard with iOS 17.2. Apple enthusiasts can anticipate exciting developments with the release of iOS 17.2, as it brings support for the next-generation Qi2 wireless charging standard to iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 models. The mention of Qi2 in the release notes for the iOS 17.2 Release Candidate (RC) version, which recently made its debut, has stirred considerable anticipation.

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This integration of the Qi2 standard marks a significant leap in the wireless charging capabilities of Apple’s latest iPhone models. With Qi2 compatibility, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 devices will seamlessly interface with Qi2 wireless chargers. Qi2, known as the successor to the well-established Qi wireless charging technology, comes equipped with a magnetic power profile. In essence, Qi2 devices will function as MagSafe-enabled accessories, harnessing the power of magnets for enhanced alignment and faster charging.

Apple had previously incorporated Qi2 support into the iPhone 15 models ahead of their release, thereby laying the groundwork for this emerging standard. Notably, the magnetic power profile of Qi2 draws inspiration from Apple’s own MagSafe materials, combining forces with the novel Extended Power Profile (EPP) to birth the Qi2 standard. Qi2’s fundamental objective is to foster seamless compatibility between smartphones and other battery-powered mobile devices and chargers, promoting improved energy efficiency and swifter charging experiences.

While Qi2 chargers boast the capacity to deliver charging speeds of up to 15W, the exact extent to which Apple’s iPhones will harness the potential of Qi2 accessories remains a subject of intrigue. A pertinent example arises from the iPhone 15 series, which, despite its Qi2 compatibility, is stated to support Qi wireless charging “up to 7.5W” according to Apple’s official specifications.

As the Qi2 standard begins to take hold, consumers can anticipate an array of Qi2 accessories to hit the market starting December 25, 2023. These developments herald an exciting era of wireless charging technology, offering enhanced convenience and efficiency for iPhone users.

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