Mac Pro, Apple confirms that it really arrives

Mac Pro, Apple confirms that it really arrives. Without ever naming him, an Apple executive hints at the release of a new Mac Pro, with marketing chief Bob Borchers announcing the company’s “clear goal” to bring Apple Silicon to the entire Mac product line.

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Thus, the rumors about a new Mac Pro continue, considering that in the interview with the world vice president of marketing of Apple products, Bob Borchers, we continue to talk about the advantages of Apple Silicon:

We have a clear goal to transition completely to Apple Silicon. We strongly believe that Apple Silicon can power and transform experiences from the MacBook Air to the Mac Studio

It is curious how in this discussion the vice president seems to put the Mac Studio at the top of the range, while for the rest of the interview, he repeats that every Mac will switch to the new processors.

We have been very clear from the start that our goal is to bring our entire product line to Apple Silicon. And this is something we intend to do.

It’s important to reiterate that customers are buying products, not chips. One of the main advantages we have in developing Apple Silicon is that we are not thinking about anyone but our customers… and we don’t have to think about who else we are going to sell that chip to.

As for Apple Silicon’s specific advantages over the rest of the processor industry, Borchers says he believes Apple’s move into chip design came with a willingness to be more efficient in every way.

I think for a long time, the broader industry has been focused on performance. And we introduced this idea that you have to think about how you can do it efficiently.

While Borchers didn’t discuss it directly, the new chip also had downsides, such as the necessary integration of some core technologies directly into Apple Silicon processors. For example, at least at the moment, Apple has dropped support for external GPUs, although it’s possible that could change with the new Mac Pro, finding ways to make these GPUs work in parallel with the integrated ones.

In the same interview, the executive said that Apple is constantly looking for new technologies and solutions to increase the autonomy of its devices and in particular for Apple Watch. This by answering a question about one of the most requested features by users of the Cupertino smartwatch.

Borchers points out that engineers are always trying to balance the features offered for sports, health, cardio, falls and more with the autonomy, thus highlighting the countless health and wellness features that have made Apple Watch famous around the world for helping to save dozens of people. Finally, the executive declares that more and more Apple Watch users are comfortable with fast charging which allows you to get 80% of the charge in 45 minutes.

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