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Mac Pro, now you can also choose the Radeon Pro W5500X

Mac Pro, now you can also choose the Radeon Pro W5500X. After the Radeon Pro W5700X available from mid-April, Apple offers the Radeon Pro W5500X among the options for graphics cards for Mac Pro.

This half-height MPX module integrates 8 GB of GDDR6 RAM (half of the W5700X) is based on AMD’s RDNA architecture and provides processing power of up to 5.6 teraflops, compared to 9.4 teraflops of its older sister. The new GPU supports up to four 4K displays, a 5K display or an XDR Pro Display; the W5700X offers support for up to six 4K screens, three 5K screens or three XDR Pro Displays.

The Radeon Pro W5700X includes four Thunderbolt 3 ports and one HDMI 2.0 port, the Pro W5500X offers only two HDMI 2.0 ports. Prices also obviously change, in the configuration phase the ‘W5500X option costs + 250 €, against the +750 € of the W5700X. The GPU can also be purchased separately, but the price is much higher: 750.00 euros (the MPX Module with Radeon Pro W5700X costs 1250 euros). It is obviously possible to install up to two MPX Modules with Radeon Pro W5500X, one in each MPX slot. The minimum requirement is obviously a Mac Pro 2019 with macOS 10.15.5 or later.

Mac Pro has a modular expansion architecture called the Mac Pro Expansion Module, or MPX Module, which offers greater speed and bandwidth and integrates Thunderbolt throughout the system. You can choose one or two MPX Modules to configure the GPU, or add them later.

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