Talk to Siri as you eat, Apple is working on an update

Talk to Siri as you eat, Apple is working on an update. Siri can do many things, but sometimes you have to do some somersaults to make yourself understood. Going around the topics and using words and phrasing that we certainly wouldn’t use with a human. Apple knows this and perhaps under pressure from the rapid evolution of ChatGPT wants to change the situation to the point that it is working on an update that should allow better interaction through natural language.

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Clues in this sense have been found in the latest betas of tvOS 16.4, macOS Ventura 13.3 and the latter’s TV app. Examining the tvOS 16.4 beta code shows that Apple has developed a framework called “Siri‌ Natural Language Generation” which should – presumably – allow you to speak to Siri like… you eat.

According to the site 9to5Mac, which discovered the traces of the update, Apple currently uses the framework in question on the Apple TV to allow Siri to make jokes but is also experimenting with using speech generation with features such as timers.

There are no indications that let us imagine great improvements in the possibilities of interacting with Siri, like what Google, Microsoft and others are doing with their respective voice assistants, but it cannot be excluded that Apple may integrate specific innovations in the future.

A few days ago, the New York Times reported that Apple is testing models of generative AI that could one day help, if not completely replace Siri, despite design problems in the way the virtual assistant is built, allowing interact in ways similar to those that ChatGPT allows or more simply to catch up on this side. In any case, it is premature to consider the new framework identified linked to these alleged future Siri features but it is very likely that Apple is carrying out tests and this would explain the integration of small new features in the voice assistant.

Also spotted in the latest beta of ‌macOS Ventura‌ 13.3 is a small change to the TV app, with a sidebar for navigation, along the lines of the latest version of the iPad app. From the bar in question it is possible to access various functions: Apple TV +, “Watch Now”, “Library”, etc.

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