Terrible: Apple again slows down new MacBooks in the cheapest versions

Terrible: Apple is again slowing down new MacBooks in the cheapest versions. The first MacBook Pros are already on their way to customers. Excellent workhorses were not without sin. Well, that is, Apple itself was not without sin. The basic versions of the new firmware are slower than the basic versions on the M1 Pro. History from MacBook Air to M2 repeats itself!

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The story is this: computers on the M1 came with 128 GB NAND chips. With the release of M2, their capacity has increased to 256 GB. However, this led to the fact that the speed of reading and writing decreased significantly. Thus, the MacBook Air on M2 received not two, but one NAND chip, and the new MacBook Pro on M2 Pro received two, not four chips. As a result, the read speed decreased from 3950 to 3154 MB / s, and the write speed from 4900 to 2970 MB / s.

On the left is the MacBook Pro on the M1 Pro in the 512 GB version, on the right is the MacBook Pro on the M2 Pro in the same version.

So here’s our consumer advice: if you’re getting a MacBook Air with an M2, then at least 512GB. If the MacBook Pro is on the M2 Pro, then don’t consider less than a terabyte. The basic version on the M2 Max is very good and fast – there is already 1 TB. Well, or just don’t swear at the “slow” computer, claiming that it throttles (NO).

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