The 10 most common iPhone problems for users

The 10 most common iPhone problems for users. iPhone is a tractor, as iPad and Mac are, it always works but like all machines problems can happen: thanks to a new research carried out by Freedom Mobiles we now learn about the 10 most common iPhone problems that users in all the world are facing.

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To create the ranking, a list of over 130 keywords was created to identify the words and problems most searched for by users.

A little surprisingly, we find that the number one and most common iPhone problem in the world occurs when the smartphone is disabled for some reason and requires connection to iTunes, with 42,000 monthly searches. The writer has been using iPhone since 2008 and this situation only occurred in the distant days of the jailbreak, and has never reappeared since then, at least in our case.

The second iPhone problem most encountered by users, based on searches carried out online for keywords, is attributable to the human factor and not to the smartphone or software: the user has forgotten the keyword or secret code, with 38,000 monthly searches . Third problem: Face ID not working with 32,000 monthly searches.

The list goes on to list the 10 most common iPhone problems encountered by users around the globe. Starting from the fourth place we find: iPhone stuck with the Apple logo on the display, iPhone does not recharge, a virus seems to have hit the iPhone, liquids detected in the Lightning connector, iPhone does not turn on, finally in tenth place the AirPods do not connect to the iPhone.

It is curious to note that the searches for iPhone problems are substantially identical between the United States and the United Kingdom and for both, except for some different positioning in the ranking, in line with those just seen for the whole world. The only difference between the US and the UK is that Apple CarPlay is not working in seventh position, absent both in the UK and in the top 10 iPhone problems in the world.

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