The best Magsafe compatible car iPhone mounts

The best Magsafe compatible car iPhone mounts. One of the features most appreciated by users is certainly the MagSafe; this system that debuted with the iPhone 12, and which naturally recurred in the 13 and 14 series, consists of a magnet on the back of the phone capable of firmly holding compatible accessories which in turn are magnetic.

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The first Magsafe product launched was the Magsafe charger which also stands out from the rest for its charging speed (15W), higher than that of a normal wireless charger. Apple has licensed the use of Magsafe technology to third parties but for now the devices that take advantage of the magnet and fast charge at the same time can be counted on the fingertips of one hand

On the other hand, there are many devices that use magnets to support the iPhone and maybe even recharge it even if only at a speed of 7.5W. In fact, for this type of accessory there are no licensing problems and at the same time a very useful product is offered.

Why the MagSafe in the car is desirable is understood very well by those who have had to deal with cumbersome jaws and solutions. A Magasafe stand is practical and fast; it is not necessary to widen any clamp, but simply bring the iPhone closer to the magnet, so as to attract it into position.

Often on an aesthetic level all that will be seen on the dashboard is simply the iPhone, which will seem to float in the car, without any arm supporting it.

MagSafe car mounts can have two different functions. Simply to support iPhone, or, as mentioned. even the wireless charging one.

Let’s see which are, in our opinion, the best on the market.


One of the first brands to support the iPhone Magsafe at Apple was Belkin. It is practically a support the size of about 10 x 7 centimeters that hooks onto the car air vent to which, in turn, the iPhone hooks up via the MagSafe magnetic system: it mounts a ball joint that allows the plate to be oriented horizontally so that it can be used with GPS navigation applications or vertically to better manage music playlists.

As mentioned, it was the first Belkin MagSafe accessory to hit the market, and in this case the MagSafe was only used to keep the phone magnetically attached to the plate. In fact, it does not use the mechanism designed by Apple to also recharge the iPhone battery. In any case, it is a quality accessory, which will be able to keep the iPhone in place without any encumbrance.

Belkin BoostCharge

If, on the other hand, you want the same accessory, but this time also equipped with wireless charging, then you should choose the Belkin BoostCharge model. It is a support very similar to the one above, both in terms of aesthetics and use, but this time it also includes the charging pad, up to 10W (7.5W for iPhones). The package also includes the USB-C cable and a 20W USB-C PD 3.0 car power adapter. Of course, the holder is always rotatable, and allows you to position the iPhone display in any orientation, between portrait and landscape.


Very similar in concept and philosophy to that of Belckin, there is also the Otterbox car holder equipped with Magsafe support. Suitable for those who want a very small footprint, it is made of polycarbonate and can also work with the OtterBox for MagSafe case or an original Apple MagSafe cover, while it is not recommended for use with iPhones without a cover. Attaches to air vents and adjusts easily for optimal viewing and access.

Spigen OneTap MagFit

Spigen also offers its car holder compatible with the Mag Safe case. The brand has equipped this holder with powerful built-in magnets that allow it to easily snap into place using the brand’s latest OneTap technology. It is only compatible with the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 13, 12 series and thanks to OneTap technology it is possible to keep even the largest and heaviest Max models firmly in place. Also included in the package is an adhesive gel pad and disposable dash disc that offer installation versatility. The mount also features a secure lock, while the low-profile design offers minimal obstruction of the view. Note that the telescopic arm fits lengths up to 28.7cm.

Anker MagGo

Unlike the Belkin one above, this one also allows iPhone charging at 7.5W. It is one of the best supports currently available on the market, if only for the rigid arm that supports the iPhone. Not only can it be oriented to your liking, allowing you to always have the display at the right height, but it’s also quite rigid, and this helps keep the device in position, preventing it from moving annoyingly while driving. It certainly doesn’t have a very low price, and can be purchased directly on the manufacturer’s official website. On Amazon it is a little more difficult to find it, and often it costs a little more.


If you want to save money, but don’t want to lose either the magnetic or the charging function, you should take a look at the ESR holder. Those who frequent our page with the best car mounts know this product well. In the package you will find the same accessory that we show in our list, a product compatible with MagSafe technology. It allows you to recharge all iPhones with magnets by holding them in place while driving without using clamps or other mechanical support systems.

Obviously not being an official Magsafe product, as we explained above, it does not recharge the phone at 15W but only at 7.5W but for quality and functions it is currently one of the best-selling products in its category. It is compatible with all Magsafe cases for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, making it excellent for keeping Apple phones close at hand.

The version that we point out offers in the package a USB-A to USB-C cable and a cigarette lighter power supply with dual 36W QC 3.0 ports and a vent clip.

Touch Mag

The brand, known in the field of smartphone accessories, presented its Magsafe solutions for cars, choosing to offer the user three different accessories. The first is TOUCH MAG, and it is simply a magnetic car smartphone holder specifically designed for iPhones with the MagSafe system. It works without mechanisms: thanks to the magnets integrated into iPhone, it is possible to fix or remove the device from the support with a simple and agile gesture.

Touch Mag Air

The second, however, is TOUCH AIR MAG, which can also add the reload function. This is a magnetic car smartphone holder with wireless charging specially designed for iPhones with MagSafe system. Again, of course, it works without cumbersome mechanisms, and it is possible to position the iPhone simply thanks to the integrated magnets. Touch Air Mag provides fast 7.5W wireless charging optimized for iPhone, allowing you to keep your smartphone charged while driving. It attaches to all vent flaps, except the round ones.

Car Mag Frame

Also interesting is the Car Mag Frame. In reality, it is not really a MagSafe car holder, but just an accessory that transforms the Apple MagSafe charger into a car holder. Once again the cellularline solution seems simple, but really interesting. It’s just a clip, created specifically to house the Apple MagSafe charger. It costs very little, and in addition it allows you to take advantage of the original Apple accessory even in the car.

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