The closest September event, here’s what Apple will present

The closest September event, here’s what Apple will present. There is now very little to go to the Apple presentation in September, which will certainly be the stage that will give birth to the next generation of iPhone 14. At the event, the official date of which is not yet known (but reliable rumors of the last hour report 7 September) other products could also see the light and important announcements be given.

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1 Is the event held in advance?
2 iPhone 14
3 Apple Watch 8
4 AirPods Pro 2
5 Mixed reality viewer
6 Mac and iPad
7 Where to see the presentation

Is the event held in advance?

Apple is used to giving a presentation for its new hardware in September. Usually the event takes place on Tuesdays in the second week of September but this year, according to some sources, it seems that the event will be scheduled for 7 September.

On paper it would be a date to be excluded because it falls in the week of Labor Day (which is always held on the first Monday of September which this year falls on day 5) a holiday date, similar to our 1st of May which would make the management of the ‘announcement. But Apple would have good reason to anticipate a week on schedule and to address the inconvenience of bridges, employees at home for holidays and journalists at reduced rates.

After all, it would not be the first time that an important product is announced in the week of Labor Day. IPhone 6s in 2015 was also presented on Wednesday 9 September two days after Labor Day that year.

It is not known whether the event will take place in presence or with the usual digital methods, through a pre-recorded event and then broadcast on its official channels.

WWDC 2022 took place in mixed mode, with participation in the presence of a small number of live participants. Who knows if Apple will choose a similar approach for the iPhone 14 presentation keynote.

iPhone 14

Let’s start with what seems to be taken for granted, even if it is not taken for granted. That Apple will release the new iPhone 14 line by the end of the year is certain, but as it happened in the past it could also choose not to present it in September, postponing the event the following month. To date, however, there are no indications of a possible postponement of the presentation, and so we are almost certain that the Cupertino giant will present four new iPhone 14s next September.

To read everything that is known to date about the iPhone 14, we refer you directly to reading this article, underlining that this year there should be no iPhone mini. The line up of new devices is expected to house two 6.1-inch iPhones, and two 6.7-inch iPhones. It should be the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, alongside the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple Watch 8

According to the latest rumors, Apple should also introduce the new Apple Watch 8 line in this 2022. These new smartwatches should be presented at the September event, right next to the iPhone 14 line. It is not known exactly how many and which Apple models could introduce, but the latest rumors point to an update of the Apple Watch SE line, as well as a new Apple Watch Pro (although it is not certain that this will be its name).

It should be a smartwatch built specifically for people who want to use it in extreme sports, more robust, sophisticated in functions and with a few more sensors. Of course, the “normal” Apple Watch 8 should not be missing from the presentation.

For everything that is known to date about the Apple Watch series 8, we refer you directly to this address.

AirPods Pro 2

Although the superior hardware would already be able to fill the entire September presentation very well, Apple may still have some gems in store. Among these certainly AirPods Pro 2, the successor to Apple’s current true wireless earphone model with ANC technology. There seems to be no doubt about the existence of this accessory, which is already known under the code name B698, and which should have the H1 chip.

Among the most likely things, there would be an even higher sound quality than those of the current model, especially and also for voice calls. In addition, the presence of the new low-energy LC3 codec should allow for a lossless Bluetooth connection. There are rumors of the sensor’s ability to detect body temperature and heart rate, but someone talks about misplaced hopes.

Mixed reality viewer

This headset is not expected to be unveiled or unveiled in full at the September presentation. There are several reasons for this to be assumed. First of all because being a new device for Apple, it certainly deserves a separate presentation, or in any case an event in which it can be the protagonist. With iPhone 14 and other hardware to present, it is difficult for Apple to present this sensor at the end of the keynote, thus making it pass for a hardware of little importance.

In any case, the September keynote could be the ideal stage to launch a sort of “One More Thing”, a final and conclusive message of the presentation with which Apple could whet the imagination of the public and make it clear that it prepares access to this new segment, with a peripheral to be presented perhaps by the end of the year or early 2023.

Mac and iPad

If in September Apple chooses to focus attention on the iPhone, it is difficult to assume the presence of new Macs and iPads at the same event. Apple is expected to introduce several new Macs and at least two iPads in 2022, but it will almost certainly do so in a subsequent presentation, perhaps in October or November. This, unless Cupertino chooses, as happened a few years ago, to reverse the presentations, and show the public the tablets first, and the next month, the new iPhones.

Where to see the presentation

Usually the event is visible on Apple’s official YouTube channel, as well as on the home page of the Apple website. Obviously, as always, Macitynet will follow the event live with comments in Italian and images in real time. You can find the live macitynet on this page with the comments of journalists who for over 25 years, much more than any other site that deals with Mac and iPhone in Italy, has been giving you timely reports of events like this. Apple also usually publishes the recording of the event on its official pages.

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