The fastest way to transfer data between Apple devices

The fastest way to transfer data between Apple devices

The fastest way to transfer data between Apple devices. In 2013, along with IOS 7, the AirDrop technology developed by Apple was released, which allows you to transfer files over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Until that time, the owners of Apple technology to the question: “Do you have Bluetooth?” shrugged their shoulders bitterly. Now I am proud to say: Yes, there is AirDrop. In this article I will try to tell you what AirDrop is and why this feature is one of the best on the market.

AirDrop is an Apple proprietary feature that allows you to transfer files between devices within an ecosystem. Steve Jobs was against this and therefore it was extremely difficult to transfer data before the release of IOS 7. This technology has a number of advantages that make it the best solution not only in the Apple market, but in the mobile industry as a whole.

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You can transfer files of any size

As part of distance learning at the university in the era of COVID-19, all universities in Russia have switched to an online classroom format. As a reporting in our university, it was necessary to record each lesson in video format. And when the teacher asked who could help with this, I proudly raised my hand with my Macbook. After the lesson, it was necessary to urgently send the file to the teacher. A friend gave me the Internet, and when the lesson was over, it was not possible to connect to the network on the Macbook. And I easily sent the file via AirDrop to my iPhone. The recording turned out to be about 14 GB in size and the transfer speed just amazed me! It took me no more than 8 minutes to send a video of this size. The result is simply stunning. For comparison, I tried to work through an SSD with my laptop and the transfer process took twice as long. Wireless future, friends!

You can transfer anything

Websites, notes, passwords, contacts, photos, files of different extensions – you can transfer everything you want via AirDrop. Earlier, when we had not yet used streaming services, it was possible to send a song to friends on VKontakte. Now, most of my friends use the Apple Music service. The experience of my years shows that if the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, then the way to a woman’s heart is definitely through a good musical composition. Using AirDrop, you can, for example, cheer up a girl you like on the subway. Men, don’t thank. And to privately share passwords from some services with family members still seems to me to be something unrealistic. There are a lot of application points for transferring different files.

Excellent content sorting while transferring

If you are sharing music, the device will instantly open the player. Share your notes – the app is already open, sir. These little things are undeniable victory over Android smartphones, where the Bluetooth file transfer function has long since died.

AirDrop is safe

The AirDrop capability only allows you to transfer files between two devices, and during the exchange, each device creates a protection to encrypt the connection. Due to this, the system is protected from interceptions and hacks. It is especially important if the information is strictly confidential. However, be always vigilant, colleagues wrote about the iMessage vulnerability last year, which affected dozens of journalists.

High quality photos

The volume of one photo is growing from year to year. Now we have all switched to chat in instant messengers. However, the issue of transferring high quality photos remains open. And the AirDrop function is worth its weight in gold at such moments. Quickly and conveniently, you can send a friend a photo taken on your iPhone 12 Pro Max and not worry that the messenger has eaten the quality. If you have alternative options, be sure to write about this in our chat in Telegram, it will be interesting to read.

How to enable AirDrop on iPhone

The prerequisites for transferring data via AirDrop are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. The device creates a transmission channel via Wi-Fi, and the transmission itself is carried out via Bluetooth.

  • Open Control Center from the top-right edge of the screen (for models starting with iPhone X).
  • Click on the rectangle at the top that contains Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, and cellular data.
  • In the window that opens, set the transfer settings:
  • Receive Off — AirDrop will be turned off.
  • “Only for contacts” – only contacts from your address book will be able to send data to you.
  • “For everyone” – I recommend using this option. As a last resort, when sending any file, before that. Apple will definitely ask for permission.

Further, in order to share this or that content, you need to find the “Share” button and select “AirDrop”. All is ready.

In addition to data transfer, Bluetooth in the iPhone can do much more than you think. However, AirDrop will probably always be the best ever.

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