Why does iOS need Wi-Fi Assistance and how can it harm you?

Why does iOS need Wi-Fi Assistance and how can it harm you? It happens that when you run into a cafe for lunch, you find that the Wi-Fi connection speed is insufficient for comfortable work with the device on the Web. However, the user’s iPhone or iPad has already detected a wireless hotspot and will use it whenever possible.

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Finally, many may be familiar with the situation when the Internet disappears while walking around the city just because the iPhone is hooked on the “familiar” Network and does not want to part with it.

To cope with this kind of difficulties, the “Help with Wi-Fi” function will help. With it, the user no longer has to regularly turn off Wi-Fi in order to finally get rid of an intrusive connection with an unstable connection. When activated, the operating system is automatically switched to use cellular data. You can enable the option in the settings, in the “Cellular” section. At the end of the list is the desired function “Help with Wi-Fi”. There is also a counter of used cellular traffic, which “helped”.

ATTENTION! You should also not forget that if you are forced to save traffic, then this function can, on the contrary, harm you by downloading more content over the cellular connection than it should be. Therefore, it is important to use the option with an eye on the tariff of your mobile operator.

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