Just talk to Siri to build virtual worlds for the Apple viewer

Just talk to Siri to build virtual worlds for the Apple viewer. Among the thousand things that, apparently, the Apple viewer will allow you to do, there will also be the possibility of building applications for Virtual Reality.

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The technology that would enable this was acquired in 2017 by a startup called Fabric Software. Thanks to this base it will be possible to simply talk to Siri to order it to create apps with virtual animals that move around a room, to be placed on or around real objects, without having to write a single line of code.

To allow people to create 3D models for apps, Apple would be working on a system that allows you to scan real objects with the viewer, along the lines of Epic’s RealityScan app that allows you to transform photos taken with your smartphone into 3D models. with no experience in this area.

The idea that seems to be leaking is a tool like apps such as Minecraft and Roblox that allow users to create their own virtual worlds with not too complex methods.

If Apple’s developer tool works well, it could simplify the world of AR app development, making what many analysts say will be an expensive headset attractive; although the entry price will probably not be affordable, the possibility of easily developing apps for the AR world could attract programmers to the platform, a bit like what happened at the time with the first apps for the App Store. In any case, Apple seems to be already working on a future “cheap” version of its AR/VR viewer:

The Information also draws the scenario of an Apple also working on apps for health and well-being. There is obviously a lot of interest in this area, as demonstrated by Meta’s attention to the Within studio (which offers dedicated fitness apps). Apple may offer its own apps that work with Fitness+, its fitness and wellness service.

According to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the first headset will offer computing power comparable to the latest Apple Silicon Macs, thanks to two Apple-designed chips, one to handle the headset’s high-resolution graphics, which looks like up to two 8K screens, the second chip instead dedicated to the management of the numerous sensors and integrated cameras. Due to the very high performance components and sensors used this will be a professional device with a high price.

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