ChatGPT on the wrist, there is the app for Apple Watch

ChatGPT on the wrist, there is the app for Apple Watch. Forget about Siri because with watchGPT the Apple Watch voice assistant becomes a completely different thing, thanks to the app that puts the magic and prodigies of AI artificial intelligence by OpenAI, creators of ChatGPT, directly on your wrist.

The first Apple viewer isn’t ready yet, but Tim Cook wants it now!

As are the other traditional voice assistants compared to OpenAI’s ChatGPT: waiting for Apple’s moves, those who can’t wait to be able to try the chatbot of the moment can start by installing the WhatchGPT app.

The app is developed by Modum B.V., so it’s not the official app (which currently doesn’t exist, not even for iPhone or other platforms), but it’s completely reliable because it uses the public API distributed by OpenAI, available to anyone who wants to integrate your chatbot technologies in any external software or service.

Compared to the web interface, the only one currently offered by OpenAI to interact with the chatbot, the app appears much faster and more intuitive, above all because instead of having to type questions only using a keyboard, it is also possible to dictate them directly with the voice.

The app also offers a Complication to access the service directly with a click from the watch face. The replies received by the chatbot can then be easily shared via SMS, email and social media directly from the watch.

The current version (number 1.1) has only one limitation, that of being able to ask a single question, but in the future it will be possible to have an entire conversation with the chatbot. The developer Hidde van der Ploeg would in fact be working on an update that will also allow you to set voice input as default and start it directly from the Complication.

How to download watchGPT?

The watchGPT app to have ChatGPT on Apple Watch is localized in English, Dutch, French and Spanish, costs €4.99 and is currently at number 2 in the “Utilities” category on the App Store. The current version as we said is number 1.1 and in order to be installed it requires at least 3 MB of space and the 13.0 version of watchOS. From a privacy point of view, the developer does not collect any data from the app.

An alternative

At the time of writing, another app called WatchAI is listed on the App Store which promises dialogue with generative AI, but it is not clear whether it is based on the ChatGPT language model.

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